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An useful review

Message par Babsavaw le Mer 3 Aoû 2011 - 7:56

Hello. UPDATE:All..I'm happy to report I figured out a work around. I had a thought that DVDFab Passkey's main goal was to get rid of ALL protections. I remember when I first started burning, most of my old disks could get burned just by using DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter simply because the disks had no protection.So I enabled Passkey, turned on DVD Decrypter, clicked "File" and put it into "File" mode, picked a folder on my desktop, and proceeded to copy the entire DVD to my HDD. I then opened the file in DVDFab..and worked....Popped open Shrink, and it converted the files...Opened Shrink again and burned it to DVD....I'm SUPER excited....I hope this work around works for others! ;0)I'm not a n00b but I am new here.....but we all were once..weren't we?I wrote my first step by step directions to burn DVDs back in October 2007...


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